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Games with tag "Tetris"

Knight-tet Knight-tet
Collect in a horizontal line a necessary amount of figures of one colour.The figure movement rules are the same as in the chess knight.The figures move by a method drap-and-drop with the help of mouse.
Blue Moon Blue Moon
Evil spirits want to take over the blue moon. Destroy them in this brain teasing puzzle game.
StarBlock StarBlock
A fast paced puzzle game. The object is to complete each puzzle, by bouncing blocks into their corresponding placeholders. When all of the placeholders are filled, the level is complete!
Falling Squares Falling Squares
Classic tetris game with 2 difficulty levelsThere are 3 special bricks first consist of one square it can pass thru other bricks to fill gaps bellow themSecond one consist of 2 squares you can press up key while this brick is falling to shoot other bricks
Falling Color Squares Falling Color Squares
Match 3 or more bricks of same color i horizontal vertical or diagonal line to clear them. Tertis game variation
blocks blocks
Classic block game
4is 4is
Fun and exciting online tetris like game.
Tetrics Tetrics
The Classic tetris is back to entertain you!
SandDrops SandDrops
Collect sand drops in the desert with your amazing puzzle skills!Put the sand drop pieces on drops with the same color. Can you make all the walls disappear in the 60 levels? If your sand drop piece doesn't match, you can toss it in the pot of stars. But b
Tetriz Bukan Teztiz Tetriz Bukan Teztiz
Tetriz Bukan Teztiz is a tetris game
Poulpytris Poulpytris
Poulpy's tribute to Tetris.Happy birthday Tetris !Play Tetris as usual or using touch in your mobile!
Montris Playtime be Montris Playtime be
In this game you will play the classic Tetris game with different levels. A group of 4 blocks will drop from the top of the screen, you can move the blocks and rotate them until they drop to the bottom of the screen and then the next group of 4 blocks apep
Bomboozle 2 Bomboozle 2
A sequel to the immensely popular Bomboozle, which has garnered over 50 million plays to date, Bomboozle 2 is a frantic step up on every level! Group like-coloured blobs together in threes or more for oodles of points, and use bombs to create carnage on a
Pet season Pet season
Catch animals in this mind-crushing puzzle game. Gather animals and keep track of what you have on the rope. Two in-game modes are available : timed and story.
Halloween TetriZ Halloween TetriZ
A classic with scary touches, play tetris in solo mode, or against the CPU. Happy Halloween! =)
4Blocks 4Blocks
Tetris is the game of all times, and now it's served with fine graphics and many levels to complete. Have fun!
Circular Tetris Circular Tetris
A tetris with a circular symmetry. A new look at the classic puzzle. Deal with several falling blocks at a time.
MyTetris MyTetris
This is a very famous simple Tetris game.
Yummy Cube Yummy Cube
Yummy Cube is a Puzzle GameMatch 2 of the same fruits in Yummy Cube, and try score fruit combos by matching several pairs of the same fruit.This is a puzzle game with a relaxing environment and feel
Tetrix Poket Tetrix Poket
A puzzle game like tetris
ColourTris ColourTris
ColourTris is a game where you have to match colours that combine in order to score points.The colour combinations are based in the colour wheel and you can play the game with additive colours (lights) or subtractive colours (paints, dyes). ColourTris is a
Oriental Brick Oriental Brick
Oriental theme brick, with special brick 10 items, but not all are good item;
Blocks Blocks
Tetris like game where you have to build lines. Different levels depending on skills
Bubble Blast 2 Bubble Blast 2
Making a return it's Bubble Blast 2! More power ups, faster game play, more bubbles! Compete in this addictive unique puzzle game for the highest score! Can you top the boards?
Scrimble Scrimble
Do you like puzzles, word games, and games that make you think? If so, we think you'll really like Scrimble. Exercise your mental dictionary and reflexes as you spell words from falling letters before they fill your screen. Scrimble is easy to learn, fun,
Pentrix + Pentrix +
Pentrix + is a tetris-like falling block game where pieces are formed of five blocks rather than four. Pieces retain their shape in the well, and combos can be made with skilful play by allowing pieces to fall in to gaps on lower levels. Three modes are s
ColorBox ColorBox
Make Line with boxesarrows keys to moveDwn Key to choose colorEnter for bomb colorIf you loose boxesYou'll be eated !
Retro Blocks Retro Blocks
A truly magnificent remake of Tetris, with smart, clean cut graphics and an ultra modern feel. Expect to loose hours to this game!
Tetris hell Tetris hell
Try to stack as many blocks before you innevitable lose.You could try to make lines but we know it's not possible.This was a quick project animated by Mario Sifuentes and programmed by me (Eder).Based on a XKCD comic strip.Mario Sifuentes - http://mariosif
Coltris Coltris
Match at least three falling blocks of the same color to make them disappear.
Tetris Drag & Drop Tetris Drag & Drop
Drag the shapes onto the board and try get them to fit.
Column Breaker Column Breaker
Column Breaker is a new twist puzzle game that takes aspects from timeless crowd pleasers such as Tetris and Bejewled however unlike these games we have worked in a gravity based physics engine that makes the blocks dynamic adding a bouncing jumbling chall

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