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Games with tag "Strategy"

The Viking King The Viking King
The Viking king Eyvindr's wife was kidnapped by the evil mage Grjta. To find her Erik will have to search for her far and wide and confront the evil wizard's henchmen.
Nice Puzzle Escape Nice Puzzle Escape
Escape from nice puzzle room.
Spin n' Match Spin n' Match
Spin and match, is it really the simple? Really? Well, it can be, but if you want the highscore ever then you better get thinking where you fire your balls!
Memory Challenge Memory Challenge
Try to reproduce the melody in the same order as it is shown. Each time, one touch will be added. If you fail, you will go back to the first level. You have three opportunities to do your best before the game is over...

Zombiesweeper Zombiesweeper
Simple but challenging strategy game that will provide you lots of fun. Everyone know the basics.
ColorFul Chess Multiplayer ColorFul Chess Multiplayer
The colorful Chess is a variant of chess, and an excellent mental challenge. Imagine a classic chess board, with colored squares instead of the black squares. Four different colors defines four different movements for the pawn above each square.
Chess Game Chess Game
Chess Game
Starships of Andromeda Starships of Andromeda
Control your starship in the Andromeda galaxy, travel between star systems, trade and fight against the pirates. As you advance, you will meet important creatures, buy new equipment and new ships.
The Devil's Trip The Devil's Trip
Huge fantasy world! A choice of three characters, each with its own history and skills! A large number of more diverse quests! Everything is done in the best traditions of RPGs.Flash game for many days of adventure!
Frontline Defender Frontline Defender
Strategy tower defense game. It can be played by up to four players at the same time cooperatively. The aim is to protect the base by placing defense towers around enemies paths. The game features many battlefields with different paths for enemies, six tow
Blast Zone Blast Zone
BlastZone is a game of skill and strategy that lets you and your team-mates engage in battle against the opposing team. Choose you weapon and shoot your enemies, but be careful about the wind as it changes. Keep you movements short in order to keep you ene
Nine Men's Morris Nine Men's Morris
Nine Men's Morris is an abstract strategy board game for two players. Each player has nine pieces which are placed on a board. Your goal is to make "mill" - 3 pieces arranged in a horizontal or vertical line. Each player has a certain amount of time to mak
The Dumb Test 2 The Dumb Test 2
Test your skills in this VERY incomplete test!
Easter Chocolate Bunnies 3D Easter Chocolate Bunnies 3D
Decorate a chocolate dessert Easter Basket with a bunch of hopping 3D chocolate rabbits!
Sucka Swing Sucka Swing
Sucka Swing is a game of skill requiring you to swing as far as possible without hitting the ground. Click and hold your mouse over a building to attach your sucka to it. Release your mouse at the top of your swing to propel forwards.Attaching your sucka t
Robot Climb Robot Climb
Climb as a robot through a gigantic tower in the sky to reach space! Blast apart obstacles with your explosives while climbing a tower. Pass enemies and obstacles that will try to knock you down in this quick, addicting climbing game! Get the Robot Climb b
Movit Movit
Click the left or right below to move the belowest boxes.Click the up button to move up all boxes.Create 3 or more match color boxes.Each stage has certain numbers of boxes you have to destroy before you can continue to the next stage.Happy clicking
Pop bubbles in this fun match three game! Detonate bombs to get the stars.

Rabbit Po with you big money Rabbit Po with you big money
Rabbit po is a small miserArduous journey, vowed to make the most moneyThis does not, he and his evil rabbit who start competitionCrazy money to start his action.www.youarewin.com Best games Minimum the ads
Last Moment Last Moment
Not a normal TD game , you can build towers , tanks , aircrafts , use speical powers and even buy enemy units and command them.

Revelation - Memory Card Game Revelation - Memory Card Game
You need to Reveal and remove all Memory cards from screen.Try to unlock a secret level.
Block Rise Block Rise
An exciting puzzles
Bumperjack Bumperjack
Bumerjack is a cross between blackjack and pinball. Try to get 21 in each of the four columns. If you get 21 when the blue light is lite up, you get to play a quick game of bonus pinball!
Infinite Tower RPG Infinite Tower RPG
Level up your character as he fights through skeletons, orcs and dark knights on his way to the highest floor of the tower. Carefully balance your health, attack, speed and defense to progress as far as you can.
e+Casino Blackjack Paper e+Casino Blackjack Paper
Blackjack with unique hand made paper skin - play for fun earn and achievements!
Moon Elf Mahjong Moon Elf Mahjong
Mahjong Solitaire game where you have to combine 2 of the same tiles to remove them from the game.
Bubble Jumper Bubble Jumper
Robots love stars. The robot's sole aim is to get as many as he can. The problem is they are attached to giant floating bubbles raising from the sea.Jump the robot from bubble to bubble, collecting stars on the way, avoiding damage bubbles, repeller bubble
The Jellybeans (rainbow quest) The Jellybeans (rainbow quest)
Its time for Jellybeans to explore the sky, but prepare to face a big jellybean mess, think fast and be careful. This time you have to arrange 3 similar characters in a row or a column to make them disappear and earn maximum points to get to the next level

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