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Clockwords: Prelude

Clockwords is a hectic word game set in Victorian London. You are a genius inventor who discovers plans for a mysterious machine that runs on the power of lang
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Games with tag "Stick"

Fruit balance Fruit balance
Balance the tray by moving the mouse around. If the tray falls, flip it back over by swinging the mouse around.Avoid (or collect!) the fruits but be careful, while they increase your score, they make it harder to balance.
Stick Assassin Stick Assassin
A cool shooter game by www.coffingames.com and www.onlineartgames.com where you kill everything that gets in your way and lot more! Play to find out!
Elite Sniper 2 Elite Sniper 2
Do you have the skills of an Elite Sniper? In Elite Sniper 2 your ex-wife has been kidnapped and your forced to complete sniping missions for an unknown organization. Survey the immense world of Elite Sniper 2 for subtle clues to complete each mission.
Parkour Parkour
It's time to run! You have to pass through different obstacles while running away from the police! Practice your parkour skills!.
Goblin Vs Monster Bats Goblin Vs Monster Bats
A funny angry goblin is attacked with a bunch of monster bats. The goblin has a magical broom-stick on which he flies and shoots them all.
Fruit on a Stick Fruit on a Stick
Get as many fruit on your stick as possible.
Stick RPG Stick RPG
Play this beta (testing) version of my game soon to be out.
Piano Avoider Mobile Piano Avoider Mobile
Piano's are falling from the sky! Avoid them in this amazing 2D adventure.
Super Stick Hero Super Stick Hero
Fly around and defeat Dr. Green Eyes's minions. Hurry up Super Stick Hero
Life as a Sick Expansion Life as a Sick Expansion
Play as a stickman in his quest to fit into society by buying stuff and becomming better then others. In this expansion you can do more stuff get more quests and click more items. Have fun!
Jigsaw: Incense Sticks Jigsaw: Incense Sticks
Smokey business the incense business.
My Island [RPG] My Island [RPG]
Your living in a city on a little island and your goal is to - live the life! Study > get a job > get rich > own the city and become king! When you have bought all the buildings you'll become king. Search the island and find new things.... And you can also
Jigsaw: Pool Table Jigsaw: Pool Table
Do you want to play with me?
Perpetual Quest Perpetual Quest
Defeat monsters, collect money, defeat more monsters. Forever. A Hero's work is never done (until they die). Fight monsters and save towns from the Boss Monster of the North-East from a more-or-less-top-down perspective during your Perpetual Quest.
Knock Em Dead Dress Up Knock Em Dead Dress Up
Its your job to protect the lovely lady waiting round the corner. Use your gun to shoot all the enemy stickmen who pop out from behind the cars. Once your ammo runs out hit the space bar to get a full clip again so you can continue shooting down the stickm
Super Avalanche Super Avalanche
Avoid the lasers the longer you last the more points you score.
SpaceBar SpaceBar
How long can you survive the intricate mazes of space? There are over 60 levels of fun and frustration in this new action puzzle!Collect gems to unlock skills, they will help you a lot on the higher levels!
Stickman Siege Stickman Siege
Choose to either defend your own castle or attack your opponent's castle. You pick the unit types you would like to deploy to complete your mission.
Avalanche Avalanche
Avoid the falling triangles. Or you will die.
Jumpoid Jumpoid
Avoid the elements to stay alive. Last as long as you can to achieve the highest score. FOR EXPERT PLAYERS: you can stick to the walls and the roof by holding up while touching them.
Jigsaw: Wooden Bridge Jigsaw: Wooden Bridge
A cross the bridge the green land lays so pretty.
Awesome Sniper Man Awesome Sniper Man
Awesome Sniper Man needs your sniper accuracy skills and fashion sense to prevent the destruction of the last sniper hotspot from a regime of tower haters, how long can you last..
Stick Figure - Smash 2 Stick Figure - Smash 2
Stick Figure - Smash 2, is a fun and gorey ragdoll engine with score and multiplayer modes for all types of chaos and enjoyment!There is practice arenas too, where you can build up your skills. Getting high scores will unlock various medals as you compete
Elite Sniper Elite Sniper
Join the rank of Elite Snipers by mastering micro puzzles, timing, and aiming in an emense sniper world.
Vaulting Adventures Vaulting Adventures
A gymnastics game where you get to learn some moves on the vault
Night Sketch Night Sketch
Draw incredible geometrical patterns with 3 sticks in rotation movement.
Pick Up Strings Pick Up Strings
Pick up all sticks by creating words from the letters attached to the sticks!
Scotch-Ball Scotch-Ball
Try getting Scotch-Ball to the GREEN portal.20 levels and 63 rotating balls you can attach to.Can you hit them all ?
Shoot'm Shoot'm
Welcome to Shoot'm, the incredible shooting game where it is your goal to earn the most money by beating up Stickman with over 30 different weapons and explosives.
Jumping Mouse Jumping Mouse
Your mouse has a pogo stick to move between islands. You have to collect all the cheese in the time interval, then you proceed to the next level.
Hitstick 4 Hitstick 4
Hitstick 4 is a killer shooter game where you decide how to assassinate your targets. Disguise yourself and use your stealth mode. Choose several different weapons and become a professional hit man.
Pick Up Sticks 3D Pick Up Sticks 3D
Use your mouse to pick up all pairs of the same colored sticks as fast as you can!Be careful, you can click on any stick from the pile to choose the first stick of the pair, but the second stick must be the same as the first one!For each failed click on a

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