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Ninja Glove

21 minigames, 4 seconds each, do you have ninja-fingers?
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Games with tag "Speed"

Shoot the zombies before they attack you. Upgrade your stats to combat the increasing number of zombies
Subaru Impreza Rally Subaru Impreza Rally
Try this addicting Subaru Impreza Rally game. How fast can you complete it?
Turbo Turbo
Put your reflexes and and shoot 'em up skills to the test! Tons of upgrades and unlockables and multiple levels of difficulty! Get ready for Turbo!
Night of Speed 3 Night of Speed 3
It is a night of speed. Your modified import sits in the garage. The city beckons. But you notice something in the sky. Invaders... They must leave !!
Super racing GTO speed x5 Super racing GTO speed x5
Jigsaw Puzzle - Super racing GTO speed x5
CoNami Challenge CoNami Challenge
Enter the Conami codes as fast as you can!--Use the arrow keys , a, b, and ENTER keys to enter the highlighted character. Be sure to type fast as you only have 20 seconds!
Fish Hunter Fish Hunter
This game offer you a advantage to use the mouse very well. play this game is calculate the vertical and horizontal point of the screen of your pc
Animal Hunter Animal Hunter
This game offer you a advantage to use the mouse very well. play this game is calculate the vertical and horizontal point of the screen of your pc
Reflex Button Challenge Reflex Button Challenge
Reflex testing game. Press left and right according to the screen as fast as possible to reach the highest score
The Y Quiz The Y Quiz
Speed Your Way Through All The Random True Questions In Hopes Of Getting The Top Score.
Color Finder Color Finder
How fast can you find and shoot all the targets?Its a nice skills game where you have to find the correct colors andshoot them as fast and accurate as you can, Good Luck!
Super Bird Hunter Super Bird Hunter
This game offer you a advantage to use the mouse very well. play this game is calculate the vertical and horizontal point of the screen of your pc
Jewel Spinner Jewel Spinner
Time for action with this fast paced matching game that will leave you ready for more. This skill based game will test the very limits of your reflexes as you match like colored jewels fast enough to survive each level. Great multiple match bonuses and onl
Chaos Star Chaos Star
Zoom around in space, absorbing stars, dodging enemies, and finding the portal to go onwards to the next level!
Speed bike jigsaw Speed bike jigsaw
Jigsaw Puzzle- Speed bike jigsaw
Master the mouse Master the mouse
Learn to skillfully manage the computer mouse
Skate speed 500 Skate speed 500
Jigsaw Puzzle - Skate speed 500
Cometron Cometron
Fly your comet through the depths of the solar system, destroying all planets along the way! However, beware the black holes and lasers that stand in your path.
High speed bullet High speed bullet
Jigsaw Puzzle.- High speed bullet
Bubblewrap Mania Bubblewrap Mania
Popping lots of Bubblewrap - is crazy FUN...Play and compete in different bubble challenges with friends!!!We are all Bubblewrap Maniacs...
Max speed rally Max speed rally
Jigsaw Puzzle - Max speed rally
Inferno 400 speed unlimited Inferno 400 speed unlimited
Jigsaw Puzzle - Inferno 400 speed unlimited
desert racing III desert racing III
Jigsaw Puzzle - desert racing III
CoinAthlon CoinAthlon
Grab all the coins in this 30 level coinathlon! Each level, you have 10 seconds to grab all the coins. The quicker you complete a level, the more score you retain.
super speed car super speed car
Jigsaw Puzzle - super speed car
Speed Platform Speed Platform
Collect all the globs using your keyboard, you have to collect them all before the timer runs out. The faster you can complete a level the more score you will receive. Blocks with arrows on are springs, these will help you reach new heights.There are 25 le
Drive 2 Drive 2
Drive the tracks, beat the time, master them all.Race through 8 tracks in the given time to become the Drive Master.I kept a development blog while I made this game, with all my ideas and screenshots, read it here (its pretty long) http://www.terrypaton.c
B-Speed Typer B-Speed Typer
Test out your typing skills against ever increasing numbers of words, the faster that you type the quicker you clear them off the screen.
Speed Fighters Xez Speed Fighters Xez
Become a pro with the Xez areroplane fighters , get ready !
monster car monster car
Jigsaw Puzzle - monster car
METEOR. Puzzle. Destroy all the meteor with bomb chain after reach the danger zone
B-Maze B-Maze
Navigate around a randomly created maze as quickly as you can and make it to the exit.

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