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Jump Gear

Jump gear is a kind of BMX jumping game. The game is a race against the time, with many powerups to catch before you can reach the final line.
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Games with tag "Speed"

Energy Orb Energy Orb
You are an orb of pure energy. Avoid making contact with the metal pellets and collect the electric rings for bonuses and more points.See how many points you can earn before getting hit.
Roof Jumper Roof Jumper
Jump off buildings and try to survive!
Craze Clicks Craze Clicks
How fast can you clicks per second?Play this game to increase your click speed. :D
Alphabet Crunch Alphabet Crunch
Find out how fast you can type the alphabet.
Finger Frenzy World Finger Frenzy World
How fast can YOU type the alphabet?
Cursor Dash Cursor Dash
Move your mouse as far as possible in the time limit - move it, shake it, drag it, throw it!
Don't touch it Don't touch it
don't touch the other ball !
Drive the car to collect items and avoid other vehicles..
Super Ski Championship Super Ski Championship
A quickgame, where you ski in the snow. The goal is to score as much as possible. Will you score highest among all players and be the champion?
Twin Image Memory Twin Image Memory
Play this game, for test your memory skill.
Sumiyaka Sumiyaka
Sumiyaka! Complete all 50 levels in the fastest time you can. Also try not to die! submit your best time at the end of the game. "Sumiyaka", japanese for "Speed".
Kill The Wabbits Kill The Wabbits
The nice and fluffy little creatures invaded every little place in the green nature. There is no single place left to go and enjoy the quiet. Kill the wabbits!!!
Neon Climber Neon Climber
Jump up the platforms and collect as many points as possible. You can get bonus points, by collecting all points of a platformor by staying in the upper half of the screen for a while. The game ends, when you fall out of the screen.
Ninja Jump Ninja Jump
Defeat all the bad ninjas that appear on screen in a fast and funny environment!
Power Vacuum Power Vacuum
Lead the lost electrons to the their atom in this fast paced action game. You only have 60 seconds total to collect all 100 missing electrons from the different levels.
Chromis Chromis
Chromis: Color in the shapes to score points, but next-door shapes must be different colors!
Pick And Dodge Pick And Dodge
60-Second mouse controlled dodging game. How long you can survive?
60 Second Shootout 60 Second Shootout
Launch as many water balloons as you can in this fast paced game!
Letter Fix 60 Letter Fix 60
Every letter seems to have lost 2 dots . How many letters can you fix in 60 seconds?
Impact Impact
Impact is an endurance game in which you control the direction of a ball. The goal of the game is to make high score where score is related to velocity. Try to reach highest speed, but try not to fall down.
Rabbit's Adventure Rabbit's Adventure
Keep ahead of the tractor by running as fast as you can! Use the arrow keys to move left and right, but you can't run through the front car. Use the up arrow to jump over tall grass, and keep ahead.
Calculate Genius Calculate Genius
No counting, no equations... just calculate!
3D MiniCar Racing 3D MiniCar Racing
Its a cool race game ,drive your car against opponents and score maximum bonus before the game timer expires . avoid driving nearer to fence
Click Able Click Able
An ability game , that you discover your skill of using your mouse
Tunnel Syndrome Tunnel Syndrome
Tunnel Syndrome is a fun, simple game where you control your ship through a mind bending tunnel at blazing fast speeds. Travel as far as you can without hitting the edges, be careful your ship can only sustain so much damage!
Speed Busters Speed Busters
When the laws seems to be forgotten policeman Dave is the person called to remind them. Try to find all the cars that don't respect the speed limit and the law.
Click a Lot Click a Lot
This one is a classic. Test your speed and reaction skills in this legendary speed test game.
Mouse Speed n' Skill Test Mouse Speed n' Skill Test
Click on the circle as fast as possible until it's so small that it disappears. Measures your control and skill with your mouse.
Letters Letters
How fast are you on the keyboard?
Brain Power 2! Brain Power 2!
Test your brain power! memory puzzle game.
Tweeterwall Race V2 Tweeterwall Race V2
Tweeterwall Races just had a makeover with added bridges and a more challenging curcuit.
Tweeterwall Races Tweeterwall Races
Tweeterwall Races is a racing game around one of the pages of our wonderfull website, avoid the oil spills as they will slow you down and choose the fastest lines to achieve the best lap times, total of 10 laps a race!

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