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Swordless Ninja

Little Ninja Mabushi lived happily with his girlfriend Miyuki, and nothing could stop the sun from shining when he was wearing his precious sword, which he only
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Games with tag "Space"

Space Blasters Space Blasters
Space Blasters is the most intense and action-packed arcade shoot every made. Features 4-player multiplayer, achievements, 3 high score boards, and original dubstep music.
Loucos por aventura Loucos por aventura
Space Fighter Space Fighter
The objective of this game is to shoot asteroids in the space and get highest score
battlespace battlespace
maximum destroy enemy
3D Dark Tanks 3D Dark Tanks
You are in a dark and lost planet and you must destroy the other tanks.
Torniko Torniko
Our 2 little guys were sent to explore the universe. But they were not real pilots. And of course they crashed. Now they are lost. They need a way out. Collect all the stars to open the exit and escape the planet. Use arrows to turn and release the key to
Puzzle Zoo Score Attack Puzzle Zoo Score Attack
Help the zoo keeper round up those cute cuddly critters!!!
Galatic Battle: Rising of Lone Warrior Galatic Battle: Rising of Lone Warrior
An extraordinary adventure and action game set in space environmentGalactic Battle: Rising of Lone Warrior is fun game for action lovers. Player can play with six heroes, The game has six different maps and three different modes.You will definitely like th
UFO game UFO game
By controlling the UFO do the job. Move the fruit to the desired location.
Galactic Defender by FlashGamesFan.com Galactic Defender by FlashGamesFan.com
Galactic Defender is a RTS/Tower defence game with turrets that can be moved and a scrolling map. Six different starships, two special weapon to unlock, three different maps, two difficulty levels and 36 waves in this frenetic space game!
Intergalactic Battles Intergalactic Battles
Intergalactic Battles is a real-time-strategy game where you build a variety of space fighters to capture planets and defeat the enemy. There is a wide range of maps to play on, large and small, fighting up to 3 intelligent AI opponents. At your repertoire
Alien shooter Alien shooter
target aliens and shoot them to destroy to gain points. You can also throw bomb. Life/bomb will come from sky and you have to take them to raise your power level. You have to be safe from enemy bullets
Neutron Attack Neutron Attack
Neutron Attack is a space shooter, similar to the gameplay of Geometry Wars. Because of the effects and the masses of enemies, strong nerves and an average CPU are required in the higher levels.
starShip starShip
Collect the stars in space
Gravity 2 Gravity 2
Use the gravity of other planets to send your asteroid into the sun.
Escape the Watch Star Escape the Watch Star
You play as an astronaut . You wake up in a prison and now you must escape the Watch Star.
Crazy Caves Crazy Caves
Fly your spaceship through the CAVE OF DOOM!! But watch out, your captain isn't very "eco-friendly" and your ship goes through fuel like you wouldn't believe!! You will have to hit as many fuel gates as you can to try to navigate the seemingly endless cave
Unusual suspects Unusual suspects
Traditional memory game with a sci-fi theme. Test your memory and observation skills with this fun matching game.
Creepy Space Creepy Space
You have to survive in this creepy space!Use mouse to control the character, hold mouse button to fire to those creepy faces!
Space Gravity Game Space Gravity Game
You fly on space ship among planets and collect some prizes.But it not ease, because all gravitational interactions between ship and planets are realistic.
Hell Storm Hell Storm
Hell Storm is a retro-style shoot em up game with four missions, several bosses, one big boss and countless enemies! Choose your fighter and go!
Space Drifting Space Drifting
space drift to win the race
Gallapers Gallapers
Gallapers is a flash game in which player has a jet and some bug enemies in front lines. Player must eliminate all bugs by firing with space bar in order to successfully finish every round.
Space Wheels Space Wheels
Space Wheels - control the Space buggy, collect stars, but look sharp for breakdown !
Genospace Genospace
Fast and furious puzzle game where you'll need to eliminate the colored balls before they reach you.
SpaceSurvivor SpaceSurvivor
Survive in this crap space filled with flying rocks!
Quick Grab Quick Grab
An Avoider Game. The objective of this game is to reach the highest score by collecting the stars as many as possible. To get the stars is not easy, because you also have to avoid the asteroids.
Astronaut Adam Astronaut Adam
Save earth from the Alien King!
Space Shooter Strategy Game Space Shooter Strategy Game
A strategy shooter game where you need to reach a goal in a limited amount of time without crashing or getting shot down by aliens.
IntoSpace! IntoSpace!
Launch a rocket into the skies with the goal of reaching space in the shortest amount of days possible
RicoshooteR RicoshooteR
Shooting a plasma clot kill enemy robots. It is possible to move to change a place of a shot and to evade from the reflected shot.
Salvor Salvor
On a plot of the game Salvor was hit by a passenger spacecraft near the planet ZoZ. Most people left the spacecraft. Downed ship they left on the lifeboats. On lifeboats little fuel and now they want your help. Your task is to find a lifeboat and dovezti t

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