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Retardo (and the Iron Golem)

Help Retardo defeat the Iron Golem in this point and click adventure!
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Games with tag "Shooting"

Zombie menace Zombie menace
Kill 100 zombies in minimum time.
Fighter Patrol 42 Fighter Patrol 42
Fly a P51 Mustang or a Supermarine Spitfire fighter plane and destroy the German Luftwaffe with your three favorite wing-men!18 distinctive missions to complete. Comprehensive upgrade shop. Unlock new missions or return to old favorites to upgrade further.
Robot Alien Attack Robot Alien Attack
The robots are attacking again, can you defend the world?
SiwerTran Fight SiwerTran Fight
Tell the aliens you are the law in universe!
Kill Osama Bin Laden Kill Osama Bin Laden
Slay those Terrorists for America.
Meteor Invasion Meteor Invasion
Meteors are falling down from the sky on your city. Your mission is to defend it with your powerful cannon. It can be upgraded to shoot faster, stronger or with more precision
Poca's Adventure Poca's Adventure
Pocahontas and her adventure. Enclose all the non-empty areas in a level to advance to the next level.
Panic Killing - Zombie Attack Panic Killing - Zombie Attack
Play zombie games that consist of 23 levels with much zombies,bloods,weapons,upgrade,items and variative gameplays.You can also download and play this zombie games without ads version and play it offline or even redistribute it on your own server.
Beads Puzzle Beads Puzzle
Choose one of three skill levels and start to play. Aim with the mouse and shoot at the falling balls. Three or more balls of the same color disappear. The higher skill level you play the more points you get for each deleted match.
Sqweaky Clean Sqweaky Clean
These disgusting sqwalrus really do get dirty and disgusting. They really need to get cleaned, otherwise, people might not want to head to the beach.Check out http://www.sqwishland.com for more Sqwishy fun!
Flying Candy Flying Candy
An extremely addictive chain reaction game with deep upgrade system and a lot of achievements. "Flying Candy" is sequel to highest rated game "Icy Gifts". More bombs, more chains, more fun!
Theta Race Theta Race
Theta Race - Battle wave upon wave of Drones and Battle Droids in your quest to prove your worthiness as a Theta Defender!
Mummy Defence Mummy Defence
The Egyptian empire is in turmoil! There are two military factions striving to gain control!Your objective is to defeat the opposing Egyption force and obliterate their palace.You can crush the enemy palace by sending forth your mystical military units.
Generation Strike: Lethal Infection Generation Strike: Lethal Infection
Defend your base against a zombie invasion
BlastBubbles BlastBubbles
Try to shoot the bubbles as many as possible with in a time.
Seabed Bubble 3 Seabed Bubble 3
Shoot the bubbles as many as possible before the bubbles are close to the seabed. You can Shoot the bubbles by forming groups of 3 or more of the same color. You must reach the required scores to play the next levels. Move your mouse to aim. Click to shoot
Pandemic Pandemic
As a Circus Magician, you understand the importance of not killing your assistants during your performances. Unfortunately, your knives don't seem to understand such a basic principle.Running low on willing, human assistants, the circus has allowed you to
TanksGame TanksGame
Topdown tank game with awesome graphics and physics!
Hopi Eastern Edition Hopi Eastern Edition
It's eastern time. Collect with your rabbit eggs and don't fall down from the sky.
Road War Road War
kill all enemy...
Save The Wuzziebears Save The Wuzziebears
Walk thru 3 levels to save the wuzziebears!
Asteroid Defense Asteroid Defense
Several Dooms Day theories reflect that the Earth will be hit by an asteroid causing global destruction. You need to be help other government agencies to destroy every asteroid threat that would come to our planet.
Urban V Legend: Chapter 2 Urban V Legend: Chapter 2
Youve battled your way through the mansion, but failed to capture the Vampire, and now the hunt is on again. Fight your way through the dark woods and find the Vampire, then take care of her for good. In this arcade action packed 1st person shooter.
Shoot The Soda Cans Shoot The Soda Cans
Shoot as many soda cans as you can, and get the highest score. Can you do better than the other players? Aim and fire with mouse.
Sniper Sniper
Shooter: Sniper v.1
YinYangShooter YinYangShooter
A yinyang shooter fight with ghost.
Fully Armored Fully Armored
Explosive mixture of aranoid and vertical space shooter with RPG elements. 20 levels and 5 boss levels, more than ten different enemies with special abilities. More than 15 upgrades for the ship, from weapons to stationary guns and extra items. Bonuses, tr
Chaos Frontier Chaos Frontier
Chaos Frontier is an action-packed space shooter hybrid with powerups and upgrades that will chew you up and spit you out.
Pretty Monsters' Killer Pretty Monsters' Killer
Pretty Monsters' Killer game created by Char Studio.
Atrapa Numeros Atrapa Numeros
Debes atrapar la mayor cantidad de numeros y lograr que el mico suba completamente la palma.
Falling Squares Falling Squares
Classic tetris game with 2 difficulty levelsThere are 3 special bricks first consist of one square it can pass thru other bricks to fill gaps bellow themSecond one consist of 2 squares you can press up key while this brick is falling to shoot other bricks
Sword of August : Road to Independence Sword of August : Road to Independence
An epic arcade-inspired shooter game with deep storyline, addictive gameplay, intense boss battles, and professional quality of art and music.

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