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The land of Fairosel has been laid to waste and the 7 thrones of the kingdom are under siege. The Ring of Warlocks has continued to pillage the countryside as t
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Games with tag "Save"

Horse Bet Racing Horse Bet Racing
Horse racing is an equestrian sport that has a long history. Which dates back to the ancient Babylon and Egyptian cultures. This time you can put some virtual currency on it.
Heli Crashers Heli Crashers
You have to bring helicopters savely from one end of the screen to the other. Your only aim is not to crash them.Earn coins to buy power-ups in the shop and reach even higher scores.The game is an addictive top down helicopter game with nice cartoon graphi
ShtCan ShtCan
elp little hero to save his kidnapped girlfriend in this fun adventure!
God's Billiards God's Billiards
The solar system was compromised, the intruders must be sent to the black holes.
Adventure Adventure
Grab the coins, pass all levels and save the princess.
Superior Ball Superior Ball
Draw lines to make the ball reach the flag. The game is packed with barriers, bombs, speed-areas, gravity-arrows, portals and much more! Submit your score thought 10 diffrent levels. When you have played the levels you think the game is finished - but its
Asteroid Dodge Asteroid Dodge
Improved asteroid dodge game. Move and shoot to save planet.
Christmas Grinch Blaster Christmas Grinch Blaster
Blast those nasty Grinchs away, see how many you can hit. Save Christmas have fun destory all the grinchs
SaveTheEarth SaveTheEarth
The player should move the earth using the arrow keys right and left escaping from the asteroids which are falling down. Player has only three chances. As you move on the speed of the asteroids increases and also the score.
Mega Bounce Mega Bounce
How long can you keep your balls in the air? Bounce up to 7 balls at once in this fast paced keep it up game! 4 different powerups help you score millinons of points!
Save Cubes Save Cubes
Your objective in this game is to save as many cubes as possible. Try to beat the highest score, if you can, off course.
The hero save beauties II The hero save beauties II
To save the beauty from the gallow, you have to click and drag the hands of the hero and shoot up the arrow. The beaty can be saved only when you shot the string. Please take pity on the tender beauty and be careful not shot her.
Road Blockerz Road Blockerz
Road Blockerz is a game similar to a tower defence game. Apart from instead of towers firing, you shoot! This game has many features.
Save Pandus Save Pandus
Save the panda by finding the right words. Advance to the next levels and accumulate points on your way to the top of the leaderboards.
60s to Save the Queen 60s to Save the Queen
After a pleasant stroll the King returns to find his Castle under attack and his Queen in danger. Help the King navigate through the perils of the collapsing Castle and save his Queen.
Save The Baby! Save The Baby!
Save the falling baby by moving it around through the sky, dodging planes and other objects.
Save the pandas ! Save the pandas !
protect the pandas from the man
Save me Save me
Save the planet , its time to do the rights things now !
Save The Frog Save The Frog
Some strange guy kidnapped your friend! You must help him now. Follow the vehicle to his lair and save the frog.
Save the Planet Save the Planet
The planet is in crysis can you help or you will do nothing ?
Have you ever dreamed about queen of butterflies imprisoned in her own garden? Make absolutely unique cut-out and solve puzzle game to make your own gallery of her story.
Bird Saver Bird Saver
Save the small birds falling from the tree. Get powerups and try to avoid the apples. Play more addicting games at http://www.mybreakarcade.com
Racer mania Racer mania
Race game in which you have to show how good a pilot you are on 6 different circuits.
Save Fiona Save Fiona
Save Fiona is a casual game with eye-catchy graphics of marine life with addictive yet easy to learn gameplay. Fiona is a cute little fish who is yet learning to swim. The task of the player is to help her swim without being hit by any sea object. Its a re
Green Fighter Green Fighter
Environmental game, save your planet from sun radiation and massive flood
Go Go Emo Rangers Go Go Emo Rangers
The Official Emo Rangers videogame. Live the adventure of 5 emo teens who are summoned to save the World from a terrible enemy. This is a sidescrolling fight game, where each Emo Ranger (player can toggle them) has an unique power.
Dont Break My Heart Dont Break My Heart
A simple game, keep your loved ones heart from breaking by not letting it fall. Not easy, huh...
Slap The Herring Slap The Herring
Angry herrings try to attack this wordl. Don't let'em to take control over your world. Slap them, and avoid the herring mass attack!
World Defence 2 World Defence 2
As the name implies is this the second, completely new programmed, version of World Defence.Tower Circle DefenceDefend The EarthUpdates:Animations of the creeps.A new button Design.The menu Sound.Better interface icons.A whole description.Check the new ver
First Hero First Hero
Authorities of your country appealed to the only Hero left in the world, to YOU! They ask you to resolve the problem using any means because the city police are totally corrupted and prisons are overcrowded.Challenge: to kill as many gangsters as possible.
Great Escape Great Escape
You can make only a SINGLE explosion with left mouse button click, that starts chain reaction. If explosion reach cog wheel it explodes and so on. Choose the perfect time and place to start chain reaction.The goal of the game is to destroy as many cog whee
Supercritical Supercritical
A fast action arcade shooter where you must blast apart the nuclei of giant atoms before their orbiting electrons rip your ship to pieces. Make sure to keep your ship moving, as the atoms will lock onto your location and fire electrons at it. Buying upgr

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