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Butt photocopying christmas party game.
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Games with tag "Run"

Bloody Chase Bloody Chase
The unstoppable running vampire!
Necrorun (Mobile) Necrorun (Mobile)
Death has been challenged by knights to a duel, and if they win, Death will reward them immortality.
Run From the Sun Run From the Sun
The sun is exploding! Launch your spaceship from planet to planet and keep ahead of it for as long as you can.A side scrolling "race the screen" game with just one control - launching your spaceship. Time your launches carefully to land you on another plan
Ovzi - the lost alien Ovzi - the lost alien
ovzi too busy playing in the woods so as to make the alien is left behind from the aircraft carrier, now this alien had to run up to the desert to find its mother ship.
Ninja Block Bluster Ninja Block Bluster
Run...Jump...Catch the ball...Destroy red blocks, save your green blocks, kill all the enemies and collect items...This is the way of the ninja through the Block Blust!!A new game that drives you crazy to reach the highest score! Who will be the first?
Doodle Course Doodle Course
Drive fast, but carefully! Full throttle in easy parts of the race track, but slow down in bumpy parts and steep downhills. Avoid penalties which you will get from jumping, so keep your vehicle on the ground.
Parkour Parkour
It's time to run! You have to pass through different obstacles while running away from the police! Practice your parkour skills!.
Don't Look Behind You Don't Look Behind You
The ball rolls behind you....You have only your legs to get away from it and your ability to jump6 levels and a single life!Are you brave enough?A game by http://www.video-giochi.org
Cave Run Cave Run
Run and jump over the rocks and the holes. Colect as much gold as you can. Submit your score!
Olympic Running Olympic Running
Help brave Kleomentis win the Olympic running.
Ninja Run Ninja Run
An addicting High-Score game ,help the ninja Attack or avoid his enemies , Get Super Attacks and Much more in this fun game.
Bravo Garden Bravo Garden
Run. Just run and never look back. But remember to click the mouse button whenever you need to jump. Get out of here. Dont ask any questions. Just go.
Tarakan Tarakan
Hungry Zombie Rampage Hungry Zombie Rampage
Eat loads of people playing as a hungry zombie.
Jorinapeka Jorinapeka
Figure out possible path. Then click to start moving and gathering up points.
Run Baby Run! Run Baby Run!
This girl wants to demonstrate her friends she is the fastest around running.
Brave Hussar Chinese Mobile Brave Hussar Chinese Mobile
Brave Hussar 2 Chinese Mobile Brave Hussar 2 Chinese Mobile
R2L : Christmas runner R2L : Christmas runner
Addictive christmas (run & avoid) game with upgrades system and simple controls.
Ass-Kick Guy Ass-Kick Guy
You're a tough businessman and keep couch potatos on their toes by kicking them where sun never shines.Hit the right arrow key to speed up.Hold spacebar BEFORE reaching the couch potato to set up for a mighty kick.The faster you run and the harder you kick
Dondo Dondo
Dondo! Simple and Funny action arcade game!
The Brave Hussar 2 The Brave Hussar 2
The brave hussar returns to deal more damage to the orcish army. Now the dragon riders, archers and swordsmen of the Orcish kingdom are in full force trying to stop him.
Drop Down D-Zango Drop Down D-Zango
The player should control the boy by using the right and left arrow keys so that the boy can stay on the screen. The boy needs to fall down from the hole so that he can stay on the screen and move to the next level.As the level increases you need to run fa
Zwarte Piet Zwarte Piet
Platform game about Zwarte Piet, collect the presents and cookies in each level and deliver them to the right chimneys.
Death Run Death Run
Death run is a survival game, you have to jump over obstacles running on the conveyor trying not to get into the fire, the more time you stay alive the more points you get.
Wizard's Run Wizard's Run
Use your spells to blast through an army of monsters to reach their evil leader and save the realm!Retro style shooter role-playing adventure
Lake Escape Lake Escape
This game is based on a math problem, which can be solved by about 2% of people. Are you among them? Get to the the lakeshore as fast as possible. Avoid being caught.
The Brave Hussar Mobile The Brave Hussar Mobile
On his perilous journey, aided only by his trusted horse and spear, the brave hussar must overcome the difficult terrain and slay any orcish warriors that try to stop him.
Sempayo Sempayo
Run and kill everyone on your way to leave this planet.
Greyhound Race Greyhound Race
Run for glory, power and money as a greyhound in this fun racing game.
Jungle Treasures 2 : Tombs of Ghosts Jungle Treasures 2 : Tombs of Ghosts
You are a treasures hunter, your goal is to try to collect all of the treasures in each level. Treasures are hidden in the chests. Find all of the chests to finish a level.To gain score kill monsters, collect weapons and artifacts.Level is finished when yo
Mad Dog Mad Dog

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