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A side scrolling crawl-n-brawl fighting adventure of might andmayhem! Youve been sent to find a missing diplomat who was off to make contact with a tribe of gn
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Games with tag "Room"

Modern Comfortable Interior Modern Comfortable Interior
Modern Comfortable Interior - 48 Piece Classic Jigsaw Puzzle. Click to Mix and Solve.
Interior design XV Interior design XV
Interior design XV
Escape The Hatch Escape The Hatch
You wake up from a drug induced coma and find yourself trapped in an iron prison. Do you have what it takes to escape the hatch?
Rockstar After Party Rockstar After Party
Oh, no! Those nasty rockstars wrecked the green room! Now you're going to have to clean it up. But don't worry, you've been practicing your guitar riffs. You may be cleaning up their cigarette butts and empty bottles now, but pretty soon you'll have an awe
Birthday Party Decoration Birthday Party Decoration
Do you like to celebrate birthdays? Heres a chance to celebrate your babys birthday. You can decorate your babys room in whatever manner you like. You have plenty of choices. Select the best designs, furniture and decorative pieces as you wish and tasteful
Apartment floor 99 Apartment floor 99
It is another new escape game from game2p.com, this time you are trap into an apartment, You try to deliver a mail but suddenly collapsed and when you wake up, you found yourself in a silent Apartment at floor 99. Try to find a way escape from that floor.
Spot Difference - Room Spot Difference - Room
You have to spot the 5 differences between each pair of images. Let's see if you are sharp enough to spot the differences in the given time.
Barnacle Bay Escape Barnacle Bay Escape
While vacationing at Barnacle Bay, you walked into the wrong room. Crooks were in the room and locked you in the bedroom. Now you must escape!
Rescue from deep Rescue from deep
"Escape-room" mini-game. You must rescue the crew of sunked submarine.
Pink Room Dressup Pink Room Dressup
Pink Room Dressup? . .
Bloom Pink Room Bloom Pink Room
Bloom Pink Room Decorate Game.
Dressing Room Dressing Room
Dressing Room? . .
Make Your Room Make Your Room
Room decorating game.
Colourful Room Decoration Colourful Room Decoration
Lets she what your skill range is when it comes to redecorating this new room. This room is going to be for a young person so plenty of colours and retro styles will be the way to go. Mix and match the different items of furniture until you find the right
Escape from the burning Rome Escape from the burning Rome
"Escape from the burning Rome" is new room escape game. You have to escape from old roman house and go out from Rome.
Class Room Decor Class Room Decor
Class Room Decor
Ice House Escape Ice House Escape
Ice House Escape is another fun escape game by game2p.com. You are trap into a ice house, you need to find a way to escape. Good luck!
New Room Decor New Room Decor
New Room Decor
Birthday Party Decorations Birthday Party Decorations
The Party Hall needs to be decorated for your friends Birthday. Style the room just how you want so that it looks fun and inviting for your friends and your friends family. You can choose from a wide range of different items to create the theme of the part
Cindy's Birthday Party Decorating Cindy's Birthday Party Decorating
Decorate a children's birthday party scene.
School Girl Room Decor School Girl Room Decor
School Girl Room Decor
Decorate the new living room Decorate the new living room
Decoration - Decorate the new living room
Decorate the living Decorate the living
Decorarion - Decorate the living
Decorate the room Decorate the room
Decoration - Decorate the room
Children's Room Children's Room
cleanup all three rooms
Mystery Hotel Escape Mystery Hotel Escape
Your holiday trip didn't go as planned. Your tourist guide turned out to be some kind of kidnapper and now he has you trapped inside a mysterious hotel room with no help in sight. You need to escape before the kidnapper returns, so use whatever is availabl
The Dark Complex The Dark Complex
Use your wits to escape from this hi-tech alien labyrinth.Part two of the Dark Room trilogy (and the most challenging), the Dark Complex offers more rooms, more puzzles, and more spinning things and flashing lights than you could ever have imagined!
UnPerfect Scene and Character Creator UnPerfect Scene and Character Creator
Perfection tends to make things boring, so we've whipped up an un-perfect scene game with an un-perfect description. (Not that the developers wanted to make a dressup game like others before, with today's assumed specs.) Tons (200+) of clothing and props t
The 19th: Hospital The 19th: Hospital
Having just narrowly escaped death previously, you're again in mortal danger. You find yourself alone in an abandoned hospital covered with the stench of death? You're trapped inside, and waiting for the doctors to come along isn't an option. You need to e
New York room Escape New York room Escape
You are locked in a room somewhere in New York, find a way to get out of it.
Couples New Home Design And Style Couples New Home Design And Style
This couple just got back from their honeymoon are are starting a new life together. They need to design a room in their new home to fit both of their styles. They also need new makeovers. Once they're comfortable and stylish they'll be able to make new fr
Six Chair Room Escape Six Chair Room Escape
Try to get out from the Six Chair Room.Escape the room by collecting the items and using them to in the correct places!Have Fun =)

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