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Potion Panic 2

Defend yourself from the waves of weird and terrible beasts by mixing your own unique killer potions. Smash them with rocks, dissolve them with acid, or asphyxi
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Games with tag "Puzzle"

Jigsaw: West Palm Beach Jigsaw: West Palm Beach
Lovely blue colors at the West Palm Beach.
Mahjong Mahjong
Simple Mahjong game by Mahjong Kostenlos. Very simple to play, just match pairs of identical tiles to remove them from the board. The game ends if there are no more pairs of identical tiles left on the board.
Platformer Puzzle Platformer Puzzle
This fun platform is quite a challenge to piece together. See if you can form the image. Made by Mario Games
Mudskippers Mudskippers
Millions of years ago, when vast expanses of theearth were covered with water - in the Great Ageof Reptiles - there lived a unique and diverseprehistoric animal life.
Jigsaw: Pink Flowers Jigsaw: Pink Flowers
Pretty pink flowers to decorate your garden table in the summer.
Steal Gems And Escape 2 Steal Gems And Escape 2
Find another 10 valuable gems for your collection, search house, unlock safes and solve all puzzles to obtain all hidden gems, then use key and escape from Gems house. Good luck!!
Basement Escape Basement Escape
Somebody have locked you up in the basement, try to figure out how to escape by using the items and solving the puzzles.
Number Of Hidden Fairy Number Of Hidden Fairy
There is a picture given, your objective is to find the given below numbers which are hidden in the given picture. This game enables you to have full concentration in finding the numbers which are only lightly visible. Gamers have to give a full concentrat
Dragon Hunter - The Archer Dragon Hunter - The Archer
save the kingdom by defeat 8 dragon king.
This is a simple maze game with different intellect. A Player is a robo which has to find a key to get out of door, which Player also has to find. Use arrow keys to navigate. Use mouse to click on the enter key whose image comes on the screen in order to g
Stack 4 Stars Stack 4 Stars
A new challenging puzzle game. Stack boxes to collect stars. Avoid mines and black holes. Play through levels in the normal mode or play the fast paced arcade mode.
Blue Moon Blue Moon
Evil spirits want to take over the blue moon. Destroy them in this brain teasing puzzle game.
Bar Bar "Blind Crocodile"
A match-three game in a fighting-style. You need to defeat 10 opponents if you want win the "Blind Crocodile". Good luck!
StarBlock StarBlock
A fast paced puzzle game. The object is to complete each puzzle, by bouncing blocks into their corresponding placeholders. When all of the placeholders are filled, the level is complete!
Moon Fairy Moon Fairy
Sort the tiles and complete the puzzles piece of these
Flip2Green Flip2Green
Flip2Green is a puzzle-logic game for people of all ages, and will provide you with hours of fun as you try to flip all the red tiles to green in as few moves possible.The fewer moves you make, the more stars you earn. But be careful... flip the wrong tile
Collapsed House Escape 2 Collapsed House Escape 2
Collapsed house adventure continues!Solve puzzles and escape from second part of collapsed house. Good Luck!
Power Fist Power Fist
Use your Power Fist to grab and fire various boxes to their correct location!
Rescue Bear 2 Rescue Bear 2
In Rescue Bear 2, your mission is to save the bears. Click on the wooden beams to remove them and make the animals roll into the barrel. Play all 25 levels!
Cubium Level Pack Cubium Level Pack
You wanted more levels? You got them! New 30 levels for original Cubium. The goal is destroying of construction by set of offered tools.
Jigsaw: Turtle Parade Jigsaw: Turtle Parade
Turtle Parade in the middle of summer.
RollHamsterRoll RollHamsterRoll
Help a cute little hamster get the peanut, solve clever puzzles rotating different shapes. Innovative gameplay, 30 levels
Sarah's Love Story Sarah's Love Story
Sarah is getting ready for tennis practice where her boyfriend is already waiting to meet her. After practice, she spends some time with her boyfriend at a coffee shop and gets back home as she has some important assignments to be completed. Your challenge
Owl Spin Owl Spin
In a land far away, Turny Owls nests have been stolen by the wicked Bat King! Guide Turny through Castle Dred to get them back. Avoid the bats and collect stars and new abilities along the way.
Ella at the festival Ella at the festival
Ella is going to a great out- and indoor festival today. Will you accompany her in this musical story?
Easy As.. Easy As..
A fun game of memory! How high can you go?
Lunchbreak Lunchbreak
Lunchbreak is an educational game which combines cooking with words. The goal of the game is to feed the children a bowl of soup, but these children will not just eat regular soup! The player needs to stir up letters from the saucepan in the center and pla
Small Wooden House Escape Small Wooden House Escape
This is a room escape game,you must find some hidden useful objects to use them help you to escape.Once a day, my father wanted me to go back the wooden house to get his favourite millet wine and presbyopic glasses, and water his flowers near the windows
Eluder 1.0 Eluder 1.0
Eluder is a challenging platform game with many mechanics for easier environmental travel and defense. Learn and understand each puzzle's pattern and progress until the end. Do not play if you don't enjoy challenging games.Controls:Movement - Arrow KeysJu
Duet Solitaire Duet Solitaire
A solitaire game suitable for everyone.Everyone should know what the goal of a solitairegame is. But I say it again.Remove all cards from the board by creating pairs of cards with the same value. Simple! Or not?Try it and have fun.
Bathroom Escape Bathroom Escape
Somebody have locked you up in the bathroom, get something for self-defense and try to figure out how to escape by using the items and solving the puzzles.
Ghost Attack Ghost Attack
Little ghosts are attacking the castle. Help the old sorcerer to remove them by clicking on three or more matching ones of the same colour. Remove six or more at once to get a time bonus. Remove ghosts of the same colour one after another for at least thre

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