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Yan Loong Legend 2 : 2nd Impact

The 3rd Game of Yan Loong Legend series, added new feature that enable player assign stat points after level up, added new character enable player to select, ad
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Games with tag "Pirates"

O.Drown O.Drown
A fun-loving, scenic ocean, shooting game. Shoot the taunting pirates with your sea-faring cannon. Can you get them all before your ammo runs out?
Pirates Treasure Slotmachine Pirates Treasure Slotmachine
A nice Slotmachine with Freegames. Play it for free, have fun with it and get the Treasure.
The Pirates Time The Pirates Time
Have you ever seen pirate sheeps? Now you are in control of REALLY BIG canon shooting sheeps! Kill all enemies and no matter how accurate you are - you can destroy terrains to get them!
Pirates Pirates
You play as a brave sailor. The action takes place in 1570. After Columbus discovered the new land they called New England, people began to steadily spread through the area.
Forest Encounter 2 Mobile Forest Encounter 2 Mobile
You are the last remaining defender.Stop the invading army until reinforcements arrive.
face2face face2face
Face2Face is a multiplayer game where players can duel with other players or play vs the computer using the mouse to draw bullets and barriers... wins who hits and doesn't let hit
Admiral Gobi Admiral Gobi
An easy to play smartphone-friendly naval combat game set in the Age of Sail: Help Admiral Gobi defend your home from a pirate fleet using a damaged ship-of-the-line!
Capt'n Bottlecatch Capt'n Bottlecatch
Game with nice graphics, you have to catch as many bottles as you can.Drop 3 bottles and it's game over!
Forest Encounter 2 Forest Encounter 2
You are the last remaining defender.Stop the invading army until reinforcements arrive.Try not to get shot.
Carribean Pirate Dress Up Carribean Pirate Dress Up
Cute dress up about pirates
Pirate Pinball Pirate Pinball
Pirate Pinball. Hoist up the points me hearties.
Sea Journey Sea Journey
A unique match3 game for you to range the seas and seek for adventures.
Gold of Pirate Bay Gold of Pirate Bay
Use arrow keys to control. Space for shoot. Collect coins, tow them to the magnet. The yellow triangle will show you the direction.Game have 8 levels + 1 level for boss fight + 3 cinematics.Cheats (debug - work with live player):ENTER - full healthBACKSPAC
Cannon Battle Cannon Battle
Blast away the cannons that are headed directly for your ship. Try and reach the next level as you rack up points defending your ship.
Pirates Tower Defense Pirates Tower Defense
Pirates Tower Defense is a new game by Flash Games. Your goal: to protect your castle. Pirates' goal: to steal your gold and destroy the castle. Master the towers and castle for victory. Good luck.
The Big Game The Big Game
As a captain of Sky Pirates you need to look for a civilians and bring them to the airship. But avoid monsters! They can kill captain and civilians. Beware, watch your timer!
Ninjas Versus Pirates War Ninjas Versus Pirates War
Ninjas Versus Pirates War. Play with mouse / wiimote. Pick a side. Bring down as many enemies as you can. Score highest. Each side has individual leaderboard to see which group is better. So, which are better, ninjas or pirates? Only you, the player,
The Magician's Handbook II: BlackLore The Magician's Handbook II: BlackLore
Enter a world of magic and mystery where the enchanted Magicians Handbook will be your guide. The evil magician pirate BlackLore has captured all the worlds magicians and fairies. Using their magic to fly his pirate ship, hes terrorized all who tried to
Capitan jack and the Pirates Capitan jack and the Pirates
Capitan jack is on the adventure of his life join him and help him to become the pirate most famous .
Pogoleg Pirates Pogoleg Pirates
Managerial game in which you take role of pogoleg pirate races manager. Train your pirate in bar, buy items in black market, bet to earn extra cash in this exciting manager game.
Pirates Mind Pirates Mind
Pirate's mind is based on a simple idea. Turn over coins in an attempt to match as many as possible. The more you turn over at a time, the bigger your score. Coins don't have to be next to each other to match. A special Crab Coin give you a quick peek of t
Shark Bait Shark Bait
Shark Bait is a free quick-action flash game developed by Big Bang Games and was released in early 2009. In Shark Bait, you play as a shark seeking the body parts fallen over-board from pirates battling above. Be careful to avoid their weapons, theyre too
Sky Pirates Sky Pirates
Fly and shoot down enemies.
Vampire Fever Vampire Fever
You're Viro, a ninja who stands against evil creatures! Yet you're a complex guy, instead of using conventional weapons, you spread a virus, which only affects demons and undeads.Vampire Fever is a billiard-like physics game, which you control your charact
Treasurement Treasurement
Treasurement, the hybrid of treasure and tournament.Improve your math, get smarter and rich, compete with your friends!Enjoy a unique gameplay of arcade puzzle going through 20 levels of pirate adventure with colorful caribbean style graphics, different lo
Pirates -1 Pirates -1
Pirate coloring page game
iPirates iPirates
Defend your medieval ship from pirates attack. Armor your cannons and shoot down the enemy ships before they send you to the deep blue sea.
INP: Episode One INP: Episode One
A new twist on a classic ship shooter.
Bumping Adventures Bumping Adventures
Bumping Adventures is inspired by classic action-platform-puzzle Bumpys Arcade Fantasy. The player has to collect items to find exit on each level as fast as possible, avoiding deadly traps and enemies and using various objects (trampolines, teleports, etc
Cannon Bods 2009 Cannon Bods 2009
Aim your Bod, match the parachuting pirate and FIRE!
The Pirates of the Caribbean The Pirates of the Caribbean
Are you a real Pirate Fans than complete this puzzle and be a real pirate!

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