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Bloons 2 Christmas Expansion

Get into the Christmas spirit with this special festive season themed pack of all new Bloons 2 levels! Bloons 2 Christmas Pack contains all new levels and speci
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Games with tag "Bug"

Bugs Attack Bugs Attack
(Web cam game ) you have to defend the house of cockroaches and let the ladybugs
Bug Pool Bug Pool
Bug Pool is a bug full adventure for little yellow bug who needs to collect all collection items from all levels and then find way to next level!
Tower Defence Extreme 2 Tower Defence Extreme 2
Tower Defence Extreme 2 is the second release.It has the bug fixes and other useful upgrades.It has got 6 towers to choose from different unique features such as the enemies.Also click the button at the bottom right while it is red to activate 'Auto Next W
Spider Killer Spider Killer
Whip Out That Pesky Spider Web
Ant Killer Ant Killer
Ants are trying to ruin your picnic, good thing you brought your bug spray. Kill all the ants before they get to your food.
Squish the Scuttlebug Squish the Scuttlebug
SQUISH THE SCUTTLEBUGS!!!! Or die. Prepare your mouse. Ready. Set. Go!
Lala Bug Lala Bug
Try to get in to the Final Step ;) Have fun with this cute bug
Jigsaw: Bee and Flower Jigsaw: Bee and Flower
Hyngry little bee is enjoying this flower.
Bug War Bug War
Run from bug army attack. Use mouse control.
Jigsaw: Blue Morpho Jigsaw: Blue Morpho
Fly on the wings on one of natures blue wonders.
Bug Catcher Bug Catcher
Collect and sell bugs within the time limit to accumulate the highest score and travel to 3 areas to do it.
Jigsaw: Monarch Butterfly Jigsaw: Monarch Butterfly
Royal butterfly on a pretty flower.
Pit Bug Pit Bug
Help your bug to get out of the pit as fast as possible.
Jigsaw: Grasshopper Jigsaw: Grasshopper
One of the plagues of Egypt.
D-Bug Defense D-Bug Defense
Defend yourself from waves after waves of Bugs!
JIgsaw: White Spider JIgsaw: White Spider
White freaky spider on aggressively orange flower.
BuzzOff! BuzzOff!
Those pesky fly's! This time they have gone too far, Mr. Fly and several thousand of his relatives have teamed up to try and drive you mad! Don't let them Buzz your brain till it explodes, fight back by squishing the fly's. Careful though the buzzing will
Backyard Buzzing Backyard Buzzing
Your mission in this real time strategy (RTS) flash game is to build your base and train own bugs army and take over the entire backyard.
Zerpent Zerpent
Move your zerpent and make him grow by eating the stars. Avoid rocks and bugs. Try circling the bugs for extra points.
Bug Hunter 2 Bug Hunter 2
You are Bug Hunter, it's your job to destroy dangerous bug-mutants.Kill insects and earn money. Buy new weapons and upgrades.
Alien Bug Invader Alien Bug Invader
Your goal is to eliminate the alien bugs invader. There are 4 stages, and each stages has 4 different types of bug. Get the powerups to help you to eliminate the bugs.
GnatSplat GnatSplat
The gnats are all over the place again, and they're driving everyone crazy. Accuracy and speed can help get you on the leaderboard!
Doodle bugs Doodle bugs
Doodle bugs have infested your sketch pad and are hiding somewhere in your doodles. Use your pencil's eraser to squash them.
Critter Zapper Critter Zapper
Create a critter-free society by zapping all the crawly creatures!
Bug Splatter Bug Splatter
Shoot the bugs before they escape!
StarBug Defense StarBug Defense
A tower defense game like no other. Enjoy both the 20-level of increasing difficulty campaign mode as well as an absorbing non-stop till you drop action mode. Battle over the alien StarBugs and their minions. Upgrade your weapons to the max. Use wisely you
BugEat BugEat
Controll Bug and eat green fly.
Jigsaw: Limebug Jigsaw: Limebug
Have a go at the Nasty Hairy Limebug!
Squash The Bugs Squash The Bugs
Control the tank with the arrow keys and Squash the bugs. Funny game of a chef driving a tank to get rid of the bugs in his kitchen. He has to cook a nice meal and can't use any bugs during his cooking.
Kill Fly Kill Fly
Kill all flies but don't hurt other insects and don't damage furniture.
Laser Crawler Laser Crawler
Strategically crawl around through each stage while dodging lasers to reach the mysterious food source!
Bugs Bugs
Match the same styled bugs together and kill them.Enjoy playing all of the ten bug's worlds.

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