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Games with tag "Banana"

Sandcastle: ancient invasion Sandcastle: ancient invasion
Defend your kingdom from the invading mythological ships! Collect coins to buy bananas, plasticine and other crazy weapons. Transform your medieval castle into cans launcher or use ordinary rocks cannon to sunk all enemies. Win all battles as fast as you c
Floating Market Floating Market
Floating Market 48 Piece Classic Jigsaw Puzzle. Click to Mix and Solve.
Cooking banana split Cooking banana split
Cooking banana split game.
Monkey Eat Banana Monkey Eat Banana
Moving around the direction key can make the monkey shaking hold the blank space key can jump
Pickpick Pickpick
Try to get all fruits, before the monkey catch the fruits =)
BaseballBaboon BaseballBaboon
The player first should choose either of the baboons and enter into the game. To make the baboon hit the banana first click to get ready and second click to hit the banana. If you can target the banana and hit so that the banana can fall at some distance t
VinceBall VinceBall
Do you want to hit Vince Offer across with a baseball bat? Well here's your chance! Use your long piece of processed wood to play a nice relaxing game game of baseball with Vince's head. If you miss 3 times, however, it's game over. You ready? Batter up!
Silly Slots Silly Slots
Silly slots is a game for silly people. Try and rack up as much money as possible! Special combinations trigger special events. Look out for those!
Fruit Dodge Fruit Dodge
Take to the skies in this arcade masterpiece. Dodge as the Gods throw Apples and Bananas at your humble flying craft. What lies in stall for you young pilot nobody knows!
Coconudge Coconudge
Coconut harvesters have taken you from your homeland.Roll your coconut back home through a series of fun and challenging levels.
Banana Bowling Banana Bowling
A fun light bowling game and it takes place in the jungle too. So let it roll!
Banana Job (Capetown Story) Banana Job (Capetown Story)
Help Kikyu deafeat all monsters who took over south africa.Kikyu used Banana weapons against the various foes.She can land a banana peal, and ride it to hit enemies, also as leave the peals as trap for the enemies to come & hit by it.For a close weapon, Ki
4-way Pong 4-way Pong
A pong like game that is player vs player, coop or player vs computer.
Banana Bubble Joker Banana Bubble Joker
Funny Joke About Bananas Blow Up some Bubbles See a New Joke LOL
The concept of this game is to make the Maruthi throw the bananas exactly in to the barrels without missing it.
Kill Birds With Rockets Kill Birds With Rockets
Kill birds with rockets.
Jigsaw: Banana Bunch Jigsaw: Banana Bunch
Grab a banana on the way out.
Jigsaw: Stuffed Banana Jigsaw: Stuffed Banana
Stuffed fruit heading your way!
Jigsaw: Banana Plants Jigsaw: Banana Plants
It's time to harvest all the bananas!
Monkey Stack Monkey Stack
Grab as many bananas as you can to extend the time limit by making Monkey Stack before the time runs out or lives reach zero Navigate the Monkey using LEFT or RIGHT key then press SPACE to make the monkey falling from the parachute
Monkey Jump Monkey Jump
Help the monkey on his jumpy quest for the GOLDEN BANANA! (And he really wants to have it!) Jump from platform to platform without falling off, be carefull not to run out of time.
Lucky Monkey Lucky Monkey
How lucky is your monkey? Just find out!
Feed The Monkey Feed The Monkey
Feed the monkey with bananas.
Monkey Hop Monkey Hop
Guide the Monkey to the ripe bananas avoiding the wicked dogs and buzzing bees.
Jungle breakout Jungle breakout
Boris the Monkey has to work hard to pick up bananas.Don't you want to help him?Bounce the coconut on the piece of wood but be careful: don't let it drop down!
Monkey Sokoban Monkey Sokoban
Flash version of the classic sokoban game with 15 levels.
Fruit shooting Fruit shooting
In play you should underbide the fruits for which you give the spectacles!
Fruit Coloring Mania Fruit Coloring Mania
Have fun coloring these tasty pieces of fruit. Grab your paintbrush and get going! Decide on the color of the banana, oranges, plums and many others.
BananaDash World 2 BananaDash World 2
Play against the clock in Banana Dash World 2 where you race time to the finish line.
Banana Evasion Olympics Banana Evasion Olympics
The Olympic games are still on! In this new challenge, try to evade as many bananas as you can while collecting powerups. Will you score the highest in this Banana Evasion Olympics?
Projekt Bananenbrot Projekt Bananenbrot
(the release date of the game is at last on 10. February 2008)It is an german (later multi-language) strategy game where you have to build factories and farms to create banana breads. to reach the goal will take several hours.
Banana Dash Banana Dash
Play against the clock in Banana Dash where you race time to the finish line. Discover shortcuts and new skills to improve your performance, follow the banana trail to shave seconds off the clock and master wall jumping to beat world record times.

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