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A rhythm game featuring YouTube videos. Videos may contain strong language. Use arrow keys and A,S,D
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Games with tag "Ball"

Amiga Boing Minigame Amiga Boing Minigame
Skill game inspired to the famous Amiga Boing Ball Demo.
YouPong YouPong
Ye olde bouncing game (but with different controls)!
Boxez Boxez
Drop as many gems as possible shooting up to 3 balls at them. Touch the screen or click to shoot. The shoot power is bigger the further you touch or click from the ball.
free shot free shot
Soccer free shot game
Evader Evader
Evade the blocks and pick up occasional goodies, which can be a blessing or a nuisance. Side-scrolling action game with unlimited, progressively harder levels!
Comic: BaseBall Comic: BaseBall
Introducing, Comic BaseBall, a featured full length BaseBall game in which you pitch and bat. There is 9 innings starting from zero, and runs are important to get in order to win. Batter uppppp!
FootballTraining FootballTraining
Train the footballer, make more experience points(xp). Try to be accurate and hit the target.
Hit The Ball Hit The Ball
An ping pong game ball, where you just try to get 10 at your score to beat your opponent, this games are famous at Indonesia.
Bounce Bounce
A game where you play a bouncy ball and avoid obstacles while trying to reach the flag at the end of the level!
Drow&Destroy Drow&Destroy
Neverending arkanoid
Candy Shot Candy Shot
Shoot the candy! Score points by shooting at least 3 copies
spikehurts spikehurts
spikehurts is a simple and addictive game. just go right!
Stripe Physics Stripe Physics
Physics based puzzle game. The objective of the game is to bring the red ball onto the platform, by using objects with different physical characteristics.
An old school soccer game
Billiards Billiards
The player's task to beat such a way that the largest possible number of balls hit into special wells table. The game is played one ball (cue ball). When the cue ball pocketed opponent shoots the ball from the field and cue-exposed back on the table. Black
GYro Ball GYro Ball
Ball Game
Pyk Pyk
simple bouncing ball game. Player is controlling 4 pads (down, left, up and right) simultaneously and is trying to keep ball inside playfield. One error and game finishes so theres no place for mistakes. Ball is destroying blocks and collecting points. Bew
Foot-n-Shoot Foot-n-Shoot
Biathlon rules brought to well known football... Players are kicking the ball on a field, but suddenly take guns and start shooting...
The butterfly effect The butterfly effect
Do you know what's The butterfly effect?It's a chain reaction...Try a chain reaction by yourself
Hardest Pinball Hardest Pinball
Do you hate math? want to bomb math? ok,let's go!a pinball game,just shooting the math a lot of levels a funny game moregames in http://www.TimeAndGame.com
Twins Twins
The object of this game is to destroy all the balls by connecting pairs of the same colour. The line you use to connect a pair cannot bend more than twice. It is not difficult to find the pairs but the essence of the game is to find them as quickly as poss
Thimble Game Thimble Game
Thimble Game
Blondes vs Brunettes-2x2Football Blondes vs Brunettes-2x2Football
Blondes really play better..., if you control them well. Football 2x2. Score goals to opponents gates. You control both your players.
Ghost Ball Ghost Ball
a classic one button game about agile.
Mini Cricket Mini Cricket
This is a two player cricket game.
Volley Hurt Volley Hurt
A Volley ball game with bonuses, weapons. I plan to add more stuffs like a score system, more characters, and more bonuses.Can be played in two players on the same keyboard.
My Bomber My Bomber
Help the man in training shooting accuracy. Throw the ball to hit as many ballons as possible
Berzerk Ball Berzerk Ball
Berzerk Ball, the expansion pack of the original Homerun game. A brand new look for the game, new weapons, new items and a sexy new character are all bundled in for you so you get the chance to beat your friends' high scores all over again!
Ball Avoider Ball Avoider
Collect green tokens and avoid the red circles in this retro game.
SteerWheels 2 China SteerWheels 2 China
A fun physics based game where you have to push a yellow ball to the yellow exit bar. Navigate through all the levels and overcome the various obstacles that might get in your way. Can you use your logic and knowledge of physics to beat this game?
SteerWheels China SteerWheels China
Drive around in this physics based game as you push a ball to the exit. Can you complete all 20 levels? Made using Adobe CS3 and APE (Actionscript Physics Engine)
Bounce Bounce
Bounce is a Strange Game where you have to keep your mouse over a moving ball. Each time you click you are rewarded 10ms (0.01 seconds) which is added on at the end of the game. To make things harder the ball also shrinks and changes colour.

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