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Professor Fizzwizzle

Professor Fizzwizzle is a fun, mind-expanding puzzle game, where you take control of the diminutive genius, Professor Fizzwizzle. You must help the professor us
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Games with tag "Balance"

Fruit balance Fruit balance
Balance the tray by moving the mouse around. If the tray falls, flip it back over by swinging the mouse around.Avoid (or collect!) the fruits but be careful, while they increase your score, they make it harder to balance.
Lofty Building Lofty Building
Build your own construction by placing figures one by one in such way that the architecture is stable and not shaky. Move your mouse to the top of the screen to take new figure. Click left mouse button to rotate the figure.
Topple Topple
Slick and addictive. Stabilize and counteract increasingly powerful orbs trying to bring you down, in this new unique atmospheric action puzzle.
Zipzip: Balance between dimensions Zipzip: Balance between dimensions
Zipzip: Balance between dimensions
Super Mega Balance Party Super Mega Balance Party
Keep the platforms balanced and try not to lose too many pieces. See if you can figure out all 18 levels.
Perfect Balance 3: Last Trials Perfect Balance 3: Last Trials
The last 40 levels of Perfect Balance, as we know it. Balance all the given shapes, and don't let them fall off the screen.
Roll-X Roll-X
Master you balancing skills in this challenging, stylish, physics-based game.

Miner Mayhem Miner Mayhem
Move mouse left and right or press arrow keys to tilt the balance beam. Spikes will kill you.Gems will give you points. Avoiding spikes gives you 5 points. Gems are worth 50 points. The speed that the spikes and gems fall will gradually increase with time.
Imperfect Balance Mobile Imperfect Balance Mobile
Unbalance your way to victory and riches! Make towers fall, constructions collapse and shapes explode in this spinoff of Perfect Balance. Mobile Flash version!
Aequilibrium 2 Aequilibrium 2
Physics-based puzzle with new 20 levels.
Assembler Mobile 2 Assembler Mobile 2
Assembler optimized for mobile devices. Intellectually challenges players with new puzzling levels and an entire new gameplay mechanic -- gravity changing.This game runs great on Android 2.2 smartphones, but is also playable on a computer. Note that it req
Tippy Truck Tippy Truck
Use balance and skill to guide the truck safely to the end of each level.
Balance Balance
Use balls to make a perfect balance
A Measure of Treasure A Measure of Treasure
Weigh gems so that each pirate gets his fair share of treasure...or else.
The Librarian The Librarian
Help the Librarian to reach the empty shelf without falling the book pile.
Rotate & Roll Rotate & Roll
Rotate your way through 40 challenging levels. Roll the balls to the bubble to progress.
BALANCE is a real time strategy game which takes "economy" as the theme. The mission is to manage the resources (gold, food, and human resources). Complete the mission in 250 days!
Plakka Cakka Plakka Cakka
A fun physics based cactus extraveganza! Keep your wriggly worm on the cactus for more than 5 seconds, but watch out for the bombs and the wind!
Balance Zone Balance Zone
In this addicting physics game you need to get the 2 platforms in the balance zone as quickly as possible by setting blocks on them to level them out! Beat the levels as fast as you can so you can be the king of the leaderboard!
Imperfect Balance Imperfect Balance
Unbalance your way to victory and riches! Make towers fall, constructions collapse and shapes explode in this spinoff of Perfect Balance.
Balanz Balanz
BalanZ is a fun and addictive physics style game where you have to build the highest tower you can! The game has 15 levels and 3 minigames to unlock. Test your skills with this challenging game!
Petunia Balance Petunia Balance
Petunia is drifting on the open sea. Fortunately her rubber duckie protects her from the hungry shark. Use your mouse to balance Petunia and try to keep her upright. If she falls, the shark will be there in a flash and she'll be history.
Bear Balance Bear Balance
Tap left and right arrow keys to move the ball and get points.
Do Flamingos Dream? Do Flamingos Dream?
Flamingos are masters of balancing. They remain upright under the most extreme of circumstances. However, they dream of the Dance. For all their stand-up-ability and grace, they lack the agility to dance. As such, they dream of dancing glory. Unfortunately
Balantris Balantris
A real physic balancing game with old-school tetris blocks.
Balance Balance
Balance the roller? Try if you can continue with it for a long time
Santas Boat Santas Boat
Christmas gifts are falling from the sky on Santas boat. Drop Christmas balls or snowballs to level the boat and prevent it from sinking. The worlds children depend on you!
Tactic Balance Tactic Balance
Make a percet balance. Collect maximum scores using all of block numbers.
Perfect Balance 2 Perfect Balance 2
Rotate and stack shapes, once more, and try to achieve perfect balance in this physics puzzle! 100 levels!
Ninja Yin Yang Ninja Yin Yang
Restore the YIN-YANG balance andcomplete each level by placing the black ninja on the platform with the black sign and placing the white ninja on the platform with the white sign.Balance is restored and level completed only if both ninjas are on their pla
Super Balance Super Balance
Use balls to make a perfect balance

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