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Kingdoms at War : Conquest!

Enter a world of castles, armies and magic and rule over your new kingdom. Build your army, conquer new lands, form alliances, collect rare artifacts and become
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Games with tag "Arcade"

YouPong YouPong
Ye olde bouncing game (but with different controls)!
Space Fighter Space Fighter
The objective of this game is to shoot asteroids in the space and get highest score
Finds the differences in these twenty great games of the 80's.Uses the ARROWS KEYS to move and the SPACE KEY to confirm!Good luck!Another game by http://www.video-giochi.org
A truck is losing its cargo on the highway!With your Dune Buggy you must avoid obstacles.Use missiles to destroy the boxes.Tries to stay on the road for all the time!Another game by http://www.video-giochi.org
Balloon Fan Balloon Fan
Use you fan to help blow the balloon as high as possible whilst avoiding birds, wires, barbed wire and gravity.
Avoidance 2 Avoidance 2
Control your blue character using the arrow keys. Avoid the red enemies or the current session is finished. This is an arcade style avoidance game. Highscores included!
Creeper's Eat-A-Thon Creeper's Eat-A-Thon
Classic snake game, eat the food to grow Creeper!
Apple collector Apple collector
With help of the good cloud collect as many apples as you can, sell them and buy new items, bonuses and houses.
Old School Brick Breaker Old School Brick Breaker
Enjoy playing an old school Brick Breaker
Crazy Caves Crazy Caves
Fly your spaceship through the CAVE OF DOOM!! But watch out, your captain isn't very "eco-friendly" and your ship goes through fuel like you wouldn't believe!! You will have to hit as many fuel gates as you can to try to navigate the seemingly endless cave
Ovzi - the lost alien Ovzi - the lost alien
ovzi too busy playing in the woods so as to make the alien is left behind from the aircraft carrier, now this alien had to run up to the desert to find its mother ship.
Vegas Traffic Mayhem Vegas Traffic Mayhem
This time, tame the trafficin Sin City!
Star Crystals Star Crystals
Star Crystals is an addictive puzzle / arcade game. Make matches of 4 or more by placing your crystals into the grid using your keyboard. Play Puzzle mode and clear all the crystals in each level. Play Endless mode to destroy crystals by matching similar c
Keak Out 2 Keak Out 2
Dedicated to all break-out true fans. This game adds another axis to ball defense and includes some sudden gameplay tweaks, making this adventure 4x more challenging than its classic ancestor. The new version contains bug fixes, bonuses, sound effects, bal
Hell Storm Hell Storm
Hell Storm is a retro-style shoot em up game with four missions, several bosses, one big boss and countless enemies! Choose your fighter and go!
Watch Out! Watch Out!
A simple one day game I created. It starts out simple, but gets more complex.
Aero Pott {Air Hockey Jockey} Aero Pott {Air Hockey Jockey}
first player to pot 7 discs wins
Insect Killer Insect Killer
Ms Dee have to keep her birthday cake safe for 12 hours from nauseating bugs in order to keep it fresh!
The Perfect Fighter 1.0 The Perfect Fighter 1.0
version 1.0The Ultimate fighting flash game by Flashkof !great high resolution graphics12 charactersseverals game modesmultiplayer onlinelot of optionsand more...
Drive the biplane through all levels.Shoot down all the enemies to go to the next level.Another great game from www.video-giochi.org
Blue Moon Blue Moon
Evil spirits want to take over the blue moon. Destroy them in this brain teasing puzzle game.
A Retro tribute arcade shoot-em-up. Try to complete all 8 levels and gain access to unlockable ships. Use the 'Mining' mode to get onto the leaderboard. Bonus power-ups include invincibility, extra lives, auto-weapons, an R-type style beam weapon, and a Tr
Owl Spin Owl Spin
In a land far away, Turny Owls nests have been stolen by the wicked Bat King! Guide Turny through Castle Dred to get them back. Avoid the bats and collect stars and new abilities along the way.
Hungry zombies Hungry zombies
Help a zombie eat all of the brains
Don't Look Behind You Don't Look Behind You
The ball rolls behind you....You have only your legs to get away from it and your ability to jump6 levels and a single life!Are you brave enough?A game by http://www.video-giochi.org
The Texting and Driving Game The Texting and Driving Game
*Teeterbird does not condone texting and driving. This is a fun, skilled based game where you must avoid obstacles on the road and text to gain points. Compete for highscores!
Tic Tac Toe Bee Tic Tac Toe Bee
A simple tic tac toe game. Can be played by 1 or 2 players. Play with mouse.
Shoot The Soda Cans Shoot The Soda Cans
Shoot as many soda cans as you can, and get the highest score. Can you do better than the other players? Aim and fire with mouse.
Maxic-MAN Maxic-MAN
Maxic's girlfriend got into trouble. Maxic will have to go through a lot of obstacles and traps to save his girlfriend and you must help him.
Falling Squares Falling Squares
Classic tetris game with 2 difficulty levelsThere are 3 special bricks first consist of one square it can pass thru other bricks to fill gaps bellow themSecond one consist of 2 squares you can press up key while this brick is falling to shoot other bricks
Falling Color Squares Falling Color Squares
Match 3 or more bricks of same color i horizontal vertical or diagonal line to clear them. Tertis game variation
Gomoku Gomoku
Gomoku is an abstract strategy board game and is also called Five in a Row

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