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You are Spark and it is your job to scout out the planet your ship has crash landed one. An action/physics based game all in one.
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Games with tag "Adventure"

Space Blasters Space Blasters
Space Blasters is the most intense and action-packed arcade shoot every made. Features 4-player multiplayer, achievements, 3 high score boards, and original dubstep music.
Escape From Fort - Expanded Escape From Fort - Expanded
You find yourself trapped in a underground fortified bunker. Search for different items and clues to unlock all doors and escape to surface! Good Luck!
Dragon Rescue Dragon Rescue
Escape from the evil E.I.S. Corporation and fight its army of machines to survive.
Where is Ella Where is Ella
Follow lovely Ella on many different adventures. Travel the world with Ella. Where is Ella contains 4 of the most exclusive adventures. Spot her on every picture an advance to the next scene.
Steamlands Steamlands
Destroy tanks and rebuild your own tank in this action packed RTS from pixel wizards Nitrome!
Catch me v1 Catch me v1
catch the object before falling in to ground
skyshooter skyshooter
survive the shoot the stone attack
Stolen Key Escape Stolen Key Escape
Escape the Stolen Key Escape Room by using various objects in different places.
Mini Ninja Coloring Mini Ninja Coloring
color the cute mini ninja and print it out =)
Spectromancer: Truth & Beauty Spectromancer: Truth & Beauty
In Spectromancer, an online fantasy card game, players participate in a magical duel against other mages by strategically summoning creatures and casting spells. Each mage uses five magical elements during a duel - Fire, Water, Air and Earth, plus a fifth
Hidden Nature - Hearts 2 Hidden Nature - Hearts 2
Explore beautiful nature pictures and find 56 hidden hearts, each of the pictures contains unknown amount of hidden hearts. Find all hearts in less than 500 game seconds to complete game and achieve high-score. Good Luck!

Seabed Adventures Seabed Adventures
New grandy spot difference game of the seabed with random differences and bonus items.
Loucos por aventura Loucos por aventura
Angry Aliens: Evolution Angry Aliens: Evolution
Angry aliens are invading earth! Shoot the invaders while teaching them a thing or two about evolution! Your knowledge and shooting skills just might save the world!
CutCutZombie CutCutZombie
To Save the Guy, you need to cut the zombies and shoot the ghosts. Or the zombie will bite the guy and the ghost will throw out a big Bomb.You can cut the zombies into as much pieces as you can to get more combos. And you can upgrade your knife or buy a pr
Heavily Armed Heavily Armed
An action platform game taking place in a post-apocalyptic flying world.
Xolga and Mr. Toko 7 Xolga and Mr. Toko 7
Xolga and Mr. Toko wake up to find themselves in the future and the mystery of the locket gets deeper.
Shake-Hunting for bugs Shake-Hunting for bugs
Snakes love different bugs and spiders. Help a snake to catch all bugs and to grow in sizes. Collect different bonuses which will help you to pass faster to the following level, to add life and others.
Sea Eater Sea Eater
Fascinating marine adventure. Come with this nice fish through all the challenges and get the medals. Each challenge is totally different.
Super Tchallo Rocket Super Tchallo Rocket
use the mouse to move around, Collect gems to boost your speed, and watch out for obstacles
Intense War Intense War
Shoot the enemies, Get upgrades and unlock weapons and other exciting levels.
Deep Lift Deep Lift
The Station has unexpectedly shut down and you were sent on an important mission to repair it.But you accidently dropped your wrench deep into the darkness of the sea.Find it -- and repair the Station!
Night Walkers Night Walkers
The dead have risen. Zombies freely roam the land and there are few places left to hide. You find an abandoned house and try to survive the nightly waves of hungry zombies. Protect the house at any cost! Build your own games like this on Pulado.com! Make Y
Steal Crown And Escape Easy Crown Steal Crown And Escape Easy Crown
Infiltrate into the building, explore this location, solve puzzles to get another ancient crown for your collection! Good Luck!
Diamond Room escape Summer Diamond Room escape Summer
Search for hidden diamonds all over the room, find key and after all diamonds is collected escape from Summer room! Good Luck!
Escape The Hatch Escape The Hatch
You wake up from a drug induced coma and find yourself trapped in an iron prison. Do you have what it takes to escape the hatch?
Encounter 2 Encounter 2
An alien space ship lands in the Andrea desert. All efforts to destroy the alien spaceship fail. Finally a sharpshooter engages the aliens in a gun battle and makes them to retreat to their spaceship.
Social Empires Trial Social Empires Trial
Create your empire from the ground, train your villagers, build houses, mills, barracks and everything you want to make your empire better. Fight agains your friends and conquere the world.
3D Dark Tanks 3D Dark Tanks
You are in a dark and lost planet and you must destroy the other tanks.
Random Gunner Boss Bash Random Gunner Boss Bash
Random Gunner Returns in an epic Boss Bash!!
Social Empires Trial Social Empires Trial
Create your empire from the ground, train your villagers, build houses, mills, barracks and everything you want to make your empire better. Fight agains your friends and conquere the world.

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