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Neon Maze

Guide our hero through the Neon Maze on his way to freedom in this cutting-edge puzzle/strategy game. To find the exit, you need to locate the different-colored
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Jack - The Doom of Zombie Jack - The Doom of Zombie
Jack, the doom of zombie. Help Jack clear the town of all the stinking death zombie.
Escape From The Iland Escape From The Iland
Escape From The Castle;Try and escape by killing everyone! Simple as that :)
Full Time Killer Full Time Killer
Full Time Killer:Great sniper game, make sure you don't get spotted!
Cannon Ball Cannon Ball
Cannon ball : fixe the enemy's towers and bombard him.
Space Raider 4 Space Raider 4
Space Raider 4 awaits an epic space adventure.launch into a fast shooter.During your flight will be as many enemy vehicles be killed, to avoid missiles .
Not Your War Not Your War
A sci-fi game where you fly your ship through swarms of enemies on a war-torn planet.
Grape Galaxy S Grape Galaxy S
This is a story about Hiro the rookie star ship shooter who is trying to save his planet Ginmar
Shape Shooter Shape Shooter
control a space ship and use laser to kill all bad shapes
Fight History Fight History
The history of fighting through the ages
City Sniper City Sniper
The sniper action continues with more killing. You have some mission to complete. Read the instructions and try to complete each job as stated in email.
SpaceBeetle! SpaceBeetle!
You are SPACEBEETLE, a once lowly beetle on a grand quest to rid space of all evil! Well, insect related evil...Kill enemies using your little beetle gun to get points to level up. When you level up you earn skill points which you can spend to upgrade your
Dead Of Night Dead Of Night
You've been hiding in this little uninhabited house in the forest after your faithful Cadillac broke down on your way to Canada. Something seems to be moving behind the trees at night, some strange noises from beyond the grave come from the dark corners of
My Bomber My Bomber
Help the man in training shooting accuracy. Throw the ball to hit as many ballons as possible
Phantom Fighter Phantom Fighter
Fly with your Phantom Fighter and clear all of the enemy objects. Shoot down all of the helicopters, Apache and other war planes and go to the next level with your new mission. Try also to collect the amo which are sending to you from the sky.
Tank Game Tank Game
Tank game where you can shoot stuff. Deals with moving tank on x, y and hitTest.
13 Days In Hell 13 Days In Hell
What's worse than zombies walking the earth? Do a tour of duty in the underworld, brother. These creeps are RAW.
Urban-V Legend Urban-V Legend
An arcade action packed, highly detailed 1st person shooter, 1 stage, can you survive until the end. In this 20 frames per-second all out shooter! If you run out of bullets don't forget to reload...
S.W.A.T. Rescue Team S.W.A.T. Rescue Team
The government officials were kidnapped by terrorists during a congress in Caribbean Islands. You must not bow to the terrorists. Rescue the hostages!
CannonVenture CannonVenture
Hit the balloons with the bullet of your cannon and don't let the balloon fly into the sky if not you will retry your level.
Space Raider 3 Space Raider 3
Space Raider awaits an epic space adventure.launch into a fast shooter.During your flight will be as many enemy vehicles be killed, to avoid missiles .
Selena Wars Selena Wars
The Future - The moon captured by alien race! Children of Selena - as they call themselves - can destroy the Earth. Moon - the last line of defense. This is Great Selena War! You are pilot of most advanced fighter in the army Earthlings! Go and destroy the
Ultimate Gun Rage Ultimate Gun Rage
See how far you can get shooting different waves of enemies to stop them from killing you! What level can you get to, what are you waiting for?
-     (Mafia Handy Man) - (Mafia Handy Man)
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Xeno Defense Xeno Defense
In this defensive shooter a lone soldier protects a small research outpost from invading waves of aliens.
Quickshot Paper Plane Quickshot Paper Plane
Shoot as many paper planes as you can and score highest. Play with mouse.
shooting game with sniper
Pemburu Koruptor Pemburu Koruptor
memburu para koruptor yang merugikan negara. Language : Bahasa Indonesia
Bloons Marksman Bloons Marksman
Press the left mouse button over the balloons and try to acheive target scores in 30 seconds.Each balloon has different lives, scores and speeds. Note the figures on the balloon, which means the number of bullets needed when shooting the balloon.
(Doomland) (Doomland)
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Shooting Game Thing Shooting Game Thing
Shooting Game Thing

Bug Hunter Bug Hunter
Bugs shooting game.

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