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Blackbeard's Assault

Blackbeard is back with more cannonball exploding fun! New features include all new power-ups, faster gameplay and a new story mode. Help Blackbeard avenge his
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Bieber Fever Quiz Bieber Fever Quiz
How much do you think you know about Justin Bieber? These questions will test you to see if you really have Bieber Fever! With these questions, you will be sure to have the most knowledge of all of your friends. Post your score on the leaderboards when you
SpaceBar SpaceBar
Click the space bar as many times as you can in 10 seconds compete against players all over the world.
TerminaCore TerminaCore
Enter the virtual reality. Defend the virtual core by destroy the incoming malwares. Type the malware word attribute to destroy them.
Doll's Catch Doll's Catch
get the Dolls of the machine!!!
Diamond Digger II Diamond Digger II
Mine the depths and find as many diamonds as you can in 60 seconds, discover your riches now.
What disaster are you What disaster are you
A disastrous and stylize quiz game for everybody who has always wanted to know what natural disaster is in her or him. The quiz determines your daily disaster personality. Play the quiz and find out what your daily disaster is! Start the game.
The Left-right game The Left-right game
a simple mouse-game where you must click so often you can at wo buttons
Fashion City Fashion City
A Fashionable and stylize quiz game you would like to play everyday. It's all about fashion cities around the world.Play the quiz and find out what todays city fashion suits you the best!
Snake Snake
Snake flash game
Divine Pizza Divine Pizza
Cook a pizza is one of the best thing to do in a kitchen. I love to cook pizza specially when you can put everything on it.Do the best yummy pizza in the world :)
DOLI- Pack for Vacation DOLI- Pack for Vacation
A super fun vacation is on its way and you need to pack everything! Can you find all the items that need to be packed for vacation? Help Sisi, Toto, Mina and Lisa prepare their luggage and tidy-up their rooms.
Bubbl Juggl Bubbl Juggl
Use the paddle below to hit the bubbles. After a certain amount of time, new bubbles will come up on the screen, increasing the difficulty. The more bubbles you have, the less damage you'll take when you miss one. The direction a bubble takes once you hit
Burst The Bubbles Burst The Bubbles
Burst the green bubbles.
Dschungel Schlange Dschungel Schlange
Dschungel Schlange is a snake like game by Flash Games. Control the snake with the arrow keys or W, A, S, D. Collect as any apples and boni as possible to score high. Do not touch the boundaries or eat yourself. Press P to pause the game.
Scribble Spring Scribble Spring
Challenging and addictive target shooting! Strech the spring and shoot the weight in the air as close to the target as possible, but do not exceed the target height even by the tiniest margin. Complete 20 rounds for final total score.
Hungry zombies Hungry zombies
Help a zombie eat all of the brains
Play Play
Play! The game you win by pressing the Play Button!
Sushi Mania Sushi Mania
Sushi mania is a funny cooking game. You'll have to serve customers who want some sushis. Put the rice in the blue plate and add the fish asked by customer. Do this quickly and don't forget the money !
Mushroom Soup Mushroom Soup
Today Sara will be teaching you how to make delicious Mushroom Soup. At every step you will be provided with instruction on how to make the Mushroom Soup. On early completion you will be given bonus points.
ShowJumping ShowJumping
Ride a horse and jump over different obstacles, walls and fences to complete a course in this show jumping.
Royal Wedding Run Royal Wedding Run
Good Prince William is to wed the darling Kate this very day. But he is on the other side of town! This simply will not do. Run to meet your bride, ducking old girlfriends and paparazzi on the way. Be sure to grab your princely power-ups. Release the Hound
Gara e Vrapimit Gara e Vrapimit
Garo n vrapim nga shkolla e fmijve ederi n olimpiad...e m tej, por kujdessepse n do nivel kundrshtart bhenm t shpejt.
Audi ne Gare 3D Audi ne Gare 3D
Zgjidh ngjyrn e makins dhe vendine gars n platformn 3 Demensionalduke garuar me konkurentt e tjer.
PrettyCouples PrettyCouples
Kissing in the rain is the challenge for this couple, so watch out for intruders and fill-up the kiss-o-meter
Jumper Jumper
Jump as High as you can
Treasure Hunting Treasure Hunting
On the bottom of the see beautiful treasures are hidden. In old derelicts and in deep chasms you go looking for treasures: magic lamps and old coins, gold bracelets and gems. The fisherman in this game will travel around the world, looking for treasures. K
Isoball 3 Isoball 3
One ball, and one hole. You make it happen! Place your blocks, ramps, direction tiles and more in your three dimensional play space. Then give your ball a kick and see where it rolls!
Don't Shoot The Puppy Don't Shoot The Puppy
Please don't shoot the puppy. Please don't.
AStreetBoy AStreetBoy
If we press correct key when light will glow then will show the perfect message otherwise shown false.we reach the target will move to the next levels.
Name That Movie 2 (advanced) Name That Movie 2 (advanced)
Try to guess as many movies as you can
Cloud 9 Cloud 9
In Cloud 9, players take on the role of an adventurous feline whose only goal in life is to bounce its way to the heavens. The only thing standing in its way are pesky storm clouds, several kinds of flying critters and that little thing called gravity.
Lucky Unlocked Lucky Unlocked
Lucky Unlocked is a game where you test your luck by unlocking 20 levels throughout the game. The game only requires your luck in order to proceed. Lets us see if luck is on your side.

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